Middle East Centre for Positive Change (MCPC) is part of the Eouropean Center for Positive Change (ECPC) Global Network, the thought leader in the field of Appreciative Inquiry. MCPC founded with dream of bringing power of positive change to region.

MCPC shares CPC’s global vision for bringing the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry to life in all that we do. We design and facilitate high engagement large-scale processes in teams, organizations, and communities. Our work is centered on strategic change and culture transformation in businesses, health care, education, government and schools. We help build teams who work with leadership, professional, and project teams to achieve their goals by clarifying their purpose and principles, strengthening stakeholder relations, and developing an alignment of strengths focused on performance outcomes.

In addition to the above consulting projects centered on change, we run learning workshops on Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Change, Leadership, Coaching etc. We also run a certificate program in Appreciative Inquiry for the AI practioner community. Our consultants speak at conferences and events to educate the masses on the power of Appreciative Inquiry and its impact on workplaces and communities.

MCPC is supported by European Center for Positive Change (ECPC) and the Corporation for Positive Change (CPC) in its Appreciative Inquiry efforts including research and development initiatives, providing workshops and consulting services, as well as designing and facilitating in-house Appreciative Inquiry projects.